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A white truck with a white camper shell on the back

What is a Camper Shell?

Camper shells, those familiar additions we often spot on trucks, are more than just aesthetic enhancements. They act as a protective shield for your cargo, like armor safeguarding your belongings from the elements and potential theft. Not only do they provide security, but they also provide a noticeable improvement in fuel conservation, thanks to their aerodynamic design.

Both camper shells and truck caps serve a similar purpose: they’re rigid covers that snugly fit over the bed of a pickup truck. Essentially, they create a protective cocoon for your truck’s cargo, shielding it from weather and ensuring its security. While truck caps lean towards a streamlined, enclosed box-like design, camper shells often boast additional features like windows, doors, and even sleeping areas. Despite their differences, their core function remains consistent – safeguarding and sheltering the contents of your pickup truck.


A black camper shell on the back of a white truck

A Closer Look

The concept driving camper shells and truck caps is straightforward: transform your truck bed into a secure, enclosed area. From carbon fiber to stainless steel, a range of materials and sizes are available to cater to diverse requirements. We’ve carefully selected top-tier partners, driven by our passion for trucks and a commitment to delivering excellence to our fellow truck enthusiasts. Because when it comes to enhancing your truck experience, only the best will suffice.

Added Security

If you’re concerned about the safety of your tools in the truck bed, don’t worry – there’s a straightforward solution to ease your mind. These covers not only protect your belongings from the elements, but also excel in theft prevention. With the ability to securely lock your shell and the reinforced durability of our partner’s designs, your tools will stay securely by your side, guaranteeing they won’t go anywhere without you.


Total Weather Protection

Come rain or sun, a camper shell has got your back – shielding you and your tools from the harshest elements nature can throw your way. You don’t have to worry to about sudden downpours ruining your outdoor adventures or blistering sunburns driving you indoors. No more worrying about rusted or waterlogged tools, or your truck bed turning into a brand new swimming pool during heavy rains. With a camper shell, you and your belongings are safeguarded against the elements, ensuring a worry-free adventure regardless of what the weather may bring.

A black Toyota Tundra with a camper shell

Where to Start

Leer stands out as a premier brand in truck caps, offering robust and dependable solutions for truck owners. Their fiberglass truck caps are designed to fit nearly every pickup truck currently on the road, effortlessly enhancing your vehicle’s functionality. With custom designs tailored to fit various pickups and Leer’s dedication to quality American-made products, Leer truck caps deliver both functionality and peace of mind, ensuring safe and secure transportation of your goods.

SnugTop’s Truck Caps are crafted to endure the hardships of outdoor living. Engineered with Roof Rack Options and channeled rain gutters, these camper shells stand firm against the elements. Whether you’re into kayaking, fishing, or camping, a SnugTop is the perfect complement to your outdoor adventures.

SmartCap revolutionizes truck caps with its innovative stainless steel modular system. With a 5-piece design and seamlessly integrated accessories, SmartCap empowers you to customize and organize your truck bed to suit your needs perfectly. Coming to you in the EVO Sport, Adventure, and Commercial configurations, you will easily find the perfect cap to suit your needs.

Whether you’re coming in for performance parts, accessories, or repairs, we promise that you will be completely satisfied with our work.  Furthermore, we provide 12-month warranties on all our products to ensure your peace of mind and satisfaction.


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