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Selecting the Right Bedliner for Your Truck

Trucks are built for work! Whether you are in construction, transport, or a DIY fanatic around your home, you likely drive your truck trusting that it can not only safely haul whatever is in the bed but also that it is resistant to damage on some level.

If you are a truck owner, think for a moment about all the things you toss into the bed of your truck. Wouldn’t it be nice to have additional peace of mind that after a job well done, you could merely clean out the bed of your truck and leave it looking just like new?

You can! It’s just a matter of selecting the right bed liner for your truck and understanding the different types of bed liners. Nobile Brothers Truck Accessory Centers, an exclusive dealer and installer of Rhino Bed Liners, is here to help you narrow down your search.

Different Truck Bed Liner Types

Slide-In Liners These are protective, prefabricated liners form-fitted to your truck bed. Their installation instructions are right in the name – they slide right into the bed of your truck and are anchored to it in different ways, depending on the vehicle.

Brush LinersAlso true to their name, brush liners are in liquid form, applied to your truck bed by way of a large paintbrush or paint roller. Think of this type of liner like paint on a wall; it is rolled on and permanently adheres to your truck bed.

Spray-In Liners –  This is the type of liner that Nobile Brothers Truck Accessory Centers works with specifically. Spray-in liners are similar to brush liners in that they are applied like paint; however, spray-in liners are sprayed on like the finish of a vehicle.

What Matches My Truck’s Lifestyle? 

The above options all provide long-term protection to your truck bed, regardless of their application. However, some are sturdier than others, and deciding between these and other derivatives of bed liners is mainly dependent on the lifestyle of your truck.

Questioning what you place in the bed of your truck is the biggest deciding factor. Slide-in liners are best suited for a truck used to haul solid materials, whereas spray-in and brush liners provide much more defense against harsh chemicals and loads that are fluid in nature.

Is permanence important to you? For example, let’s suppose you haul a variety of objects and materials in your truck, but you want to be able to replace your bed liner if it were to get damaged. That can be a deciding factor between something sprayed or brushed on versus prefabricated and merely attached.

An Authorized Dealer in the Central Valley!

Nobile Brothers Truck Accessory Centers takes pride in excellent customer service and building long-term relationships with truck owners! Nobile Brothers Truck Accessory Centers exclusively installs Rhino Bed Liners, which are guaranteed and applied locally and in-house at their own facility!

When you need a protective bed liner in the bed of your truck, contact Nobile Brothers Truck Accessory Centers for the best local pricing.

Whether you’re coming in for performance parts, accessories, or repairs, we promise that you will be completely satisfied with our work.  Furthermore, we provide 12-month warranties on all our products to ensure your peace of mind and satisfaction.


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