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The rear of a truck with a bed liner being shown

What is a Spray-On Bed Liner?

Spray-on liners are protective coatings that are applied directly onto the bed of your truck using highly durable and protective materials. These coatings provide a seamless layer that shields the bed from scratches, rust, dirt, and normal wear and tear expected of a truck. The actual application of a spray-on typically involves a specialized spray-gun, as it is important to evenly cover the bed and rear of the tailgate for maximum effectiveness. Compared to traditional bed liners, spray-ons are a one size fit all solution for truck owners, completely negating the hassle of needing to find the correct size and measurements for specific models. The long lasting nature and method of application means upgrading to a spray-on is a ‘set it and forget it’ solution.

A close-up of a truck bed with a Rhino spray-on liner installed

Excellent Durability

Spray-on liners are highly durable thanks to their polyurethane and polyurea materials. These coatings give them an edge in resisting abrasions, as well as natural water resistance without cracking or peeling from use. Not only are spray-ons impact resistant, they tackle well known bed-damaging chemical spills with ease. Oils and gasoline, to acids and other metal eating toxins, spray-ons prevent corrosion damage from even happening thanks to their water tight seals. Traditional bed liners vary greatly in the materials used, causing them to bend and shift over prolonged use. With a spray-on, it’s not going anywhere.

Pickup truck with an open tailgate showing off a liner

Total Versatility

In addition to the protective properties a spray-on can offer you, the method of application can be just as lucrative. Traditional bed liners have to be made to fit specific truck bed sizes and vice-versa. This can quickly become problematic or potentially costly, when seeking out a liner with your specific and exact dimensions to fit. This conundrum is solved by the DIY nature of spray-ons by enabling the user to apply the liner to meet their own precise specifications. With this flexibility in mind, spray-ons give you many options such as thickness, what color you want to use, the choice between a sleek or textured surface, and what areas you want or don’t want covered. Spray-on liners offer total freedom and personalization, ensuring that each application is as unique as the truck it adorns.

A close up view of a truck bed with an applied spray-on liner

Long Lasting

The longevity of  a spray-on bed liner depends on several factors such as the application process, thickness of the liner, and how well taken care of the truck is. Generally speaking however, spray-ons can last many years, even surpassing the life of the truck itself. The material used in spray-ons are resistant to UV, abrasions, and even chemical spills, all further increasing the longevity of the application. Overall, while traditional bed liners can provide effective protection for truck beds, spray-on liners typically offer superior durability and longevity due to their seamless design, permanent bond, high-quality polyurethane materials, and professional application. As a result, truck owners looking for long-term bed protection may find that spray-on liners are a more reliable and durable option.

Our Recomendations

A Rhino Linings Spray-On Bed Liner creates a tough coating that bonds directly to your truck bed, creating a long lasting, sealed layer that is resistant to abrasion and impacts, effectively shielding against rust and corrosion.

Whether you’re coming in for performance parts, accessories, or repairs, we promise that you will be completely satisfied with our work.  Furthermore, we provide 12-month warranties on all our products to ensure your peace of mind and satisfaction.


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